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Not banned

(note: updated January 18 to include more responses.)

I got a letter recently from the top echelons (THE top) of the Dubai police. They basically say that I'm not banned, and am actually welcome back. So for those of you who like to say nasty things... be careful. Your government thinks I'm not so bad. So you'd better fall in line, otherwise that could be seen as criticizing the royal family -- a big no no! So stop being disloyal to your country!

Recent comments:

Subject: get a life
"you sound like a begger who goes on and on about his losses.
Go fix your problems in your country of origion who allow such exploitation in their own country then shed the light on other countires.
Why arn't you living in that country? I am sure they failed to provide you with the things you found in the USA. So did these labourers. The difference is they don't have a degree that will take them to the USA, they can't make enough money in India so they do better here.
GEt a life, I am sure our men in white had a good reason to nail you. You sounded fishy the day you announced your stupid project on the UAE blog."

Subject: shut up
"be thankful that its the dubai police u were dealing with and the fbi or cia.. u would definitely have been held (without charges) for ever or may be even killed

be thankful that u atleast got out alive from dubai....

dont spy for US government....sad thing is that u do not know that u are spying..."

Subject: Loser.
"Why can't you get it. You left your country of origion because it has lots of problems that send people like you and others to the UAE and other countries who are willing to give you according to what you have.
Why don't you go interview people in India and find out why your people are leaving the country in the first place to countries that "mistreat them" by offering them a job rather than none.

Why talk about Dubai when you come from a place that has mega problems. Go write a book on that and we will all read it.

An please stay in punjab. We really don't like attracting jerks who make money from filth."

Subject: royal in my a***
"and by the way, the closest you can get to royal, is the toilet tissue papers brand royal."


To these and other like-minded bloggers I say, change your tune, or be guilty of treason. You're criticising the wise decision of your government. And insulting the royal family. Bad anonymous bloggers!

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