November 20th, 2006

Men in white

Looking around at stuff online, and found a bunch of references to Amn al-Dawla, or, the state security department. Now we can put a proper name to my favorite fellows. But they don't have a place in the Dubai police organizational chart.  Thought that was interesting.

laptop no mo'

So just got word from the computer repair guys. Apparently, my friends in white took out the hard drive and messed up the track pad. Basically, they took a computer and gave me back a paperweight. That's just wrong. When you have as much money as they do, at least replace the laptop. That would have been classy. If you're still reading, fellas, that's a macbook pro you can get me. Don't be cheap.

But I must emphasize, I'm the sucker here. They had me sign a receipt saying I received it in "best operating condition". I should have haggled.